Ridge Lot 9B

Ridge Lot 9B: Where Legacy's Iconic Interiors and Exceptional Craftsmanship Shine

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Ridge Lot 9B is an architectural masterpiece that embodies a blend of Norman and Southern styles. This extraordinary property includes not only the main house but also a pool house and a stunning pool. As you explore this residence, you'll discover remarkable details that set it apart. A bar room with a sitting area overlooks an outdoor living space, creating a perfect spot for relaxation. The kitchen's white-oak woodwork, locally sourced, adds warmth and character to the heart of the home.

For wine enthusiasts, the wine cellar is a work of art, featuring a reclaimed stained-glass window from England and hand-carved limestone from France. The great room, inspired by a Parisian hotel lobby, is a testament to Legacy's commitment to iconic interiors and exceptional craftsmanship. Ridge Lot 9B is more than a home; it's a statement of artistry and luxury, proudly featured in our portfolio as one of Legacy's most iconic creations.